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Jordana Phillips MD

Site Creator and Contributor

Dr. Phillips is a Breast Radiologist and Associate Professor of Radiology at Boston Medical Center in Boston, MA.  She has focused her work primarily in the area of Contrast-Enhanced Mammography (CEM).   She has multiple industry and foundation funded prospective trials studying CEM’s role for breast cancer screening, evaluating its diagnostic performance and the relative cost assessment of the exam compared with other common breast imaging exams. She was invited to participate in the ACR’s effort to develop a formal lexicon for CEM for the Breast Imaging and Reporting Database System (BI-RADS) and also co-lead the ACR’s larger effort to develop a national Breast Imaging research registry to include demographic data, imaging data as well as the actual images, pathology data and samples, and follow-up data.  She is spearheading multiple retrospective studies evaluating CEM’s performance in the clinical setting to better understand its value and to refine the technical protocol. In addition, Dr. Phillips has shown a significant interest in education and mentorship through her roles as residency and fellowship director at BIDMC.  She has also helped develop multiple local and regional conferences geared toward educating residents and fellows and establishing community.  In 2019, Dr. Phillips was awarded fellowship in the Society of Breast Imaging.


Nidhi Sharma, MD

Journal Club Contributor

Dr. Sharma is a passionate educator and Associate Professor of Radiology at Texas A&M University. Her primary interest is in trainee and early career education and mentorship.  She is currently working as fellowship director and residency liaison for Breast Imaging at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.  In addition, she is the current Chairperson for the Young Physician Section of Texas Radiological Society and a member of the YPS committee for the Society of breast Imaging. She is heavily involved with the Society of Breast Imaging as one of the founding members of Connect committee and the current Associate editor for Society of Breast Imaging Newsletter.  She has authored several book chapters and radiology papers, actively reviews research for multiple journals, and has received grants for clinical research. She enjoys providing high quality clinical care at the breast imaging centers and the hospital.

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